Lakeside Holiday Park

We were asked to undertake weed removal works at Lakeland Holiday Park. The lake which we were asked to clear measures around 6acres. It is surrounded by luxury holiday homes, and is used for various on site water activites.


Two of our conver weed cutting boats attended the holiday park to remove the problematic canadian pondweed and blanket weed from the lake.

Our teams used various attachments to carry out the weed removal including; trailing knives, which cut the weed below the surface, the T-cutter then cut the weeds from around the lakes edges and finally, the front weed rake to collect the weed from the lake.

After a succesful weed removal our customers are happy with the results, and the lake is clear for the visitors to enjoy.

"I am very happy with the work that was carried out" - Ben - Lakeland Holiday Park

Haven - Lakeside Holiday park

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Delivering excellent manoeuvrability in all conditions and incorporating a choice of weed cutting and weed removal attachments including trailing knives, t-cutter bar and weed rakes.

Our versatile, efficient workboats provide the ideal method for the removal of debris, floating and submerged pond weeds from lakes, canals and waterways throughout the UK.

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