Lake Weed Control

For efficient and effective lake weed control, The Aqua Contractor Conver C480 workboats incorporate a selection of weed cutting and removal attachments. These attachments are fitted with double anti-coiling augers to generate excellent propulsion and manoeuvrability in any conditions.

Lake weed control is important for maintaining rivers, lakes and waterways.

Invasive aquatic weeds can cause issues for fisheries, watersports centres and holiday parks.

Weed Curtting Workboats


Make: Conver C480
Hull Length:4m
Hull Width:1.80m
Hull Height: 0.80m
Propulsion:Hydraulic tilting double anti-coiling augers
Max Speed:5-8km/h

Aquatic Weed Removal

A choice of lake weed control cutting and removal attachments enables us to deal with most watercourses and weed.

This can include working in lakes and canals. We can remove all types of lake weed including Duckweed, Fringed Waterlily and Canadian Pond Weed.

T-Cutter Bar

Our Workboats | T Cutter Bar | The Aqua Contractor

The T-Cutter Bar consists of horizontal and vertical cutter bars, both equipped with a Busatis cutting system (similar to a combine harvester), which minimises disturbance to the bottom of water body.

The T-cutter bar has a mowing width of 2m and can cut to a depth of around 1.4m. The head of the bar tilts, which results in the effective removal of submerged bankside vegetation.

Trailing Knives

Our Workboats | Trailing Knives | The Aqua Contractor

These are the most effective methods of cutting and removing large quantities of aquatic weed. The double trailing knives are operated hydraulically, pulling the knives across the water body floor to cut submerged vegetation at its base, often removing roots and helping to prevent re-growth. The trailing knives have a working width of up to 4.5m, and a variable depth of up to 6m, making them an effective and efficient weed cutting tool, covering large areas in a short time.

Weed Rake

Lake Weed Control | Weed Rake | The Aqua Contractor

The weed rake system collects and removes floating, submerged vegetation and debris.

The rake has a working width of 2.8m which can then deposit the floating weed and debris on the bank side.