(Lemna species)

Duckweed (Lemna Species) are small, free-floating plants which form dense mats on the surface. It grows aggressively and can quickly overtake a watercourse. They are often tranported from pond to pond which leads to rapid growth.



At the Aqua contractor, our workboats have a mesh attachment which our teams use to collect Duckweed.

We attend various sites which are affected by duckweed and we return on a yearly basis to remove the weed. As the weed is very easily transported pond to pond and spreads so easy, you may require more than one removal per year.


Delivering excellent manoeuvrability in all conditions and incorporating a choice of weed cutting and weed removal attachments including trailing knives, t-cutter bar and weed rakes, our versatile, efficient workboats provide the ideal method for the removal of debris, floating and submerged weeds.

Pond Weed Workboats Uk