Fringed Waterlily
(Nymphoides Peltata)

Fringed Waterlily (Nymphoides Peltata) grows in still or slow-moving, shallow waters with a rhizome root system and floating leaves. It can be indentified by its round floating leaves and star shaped yellow flowers which bloom in the summer months.

Fringed Waterlily


Our weed cutting boats would mechanically cut the weed from the watercourse with traling knives. Our operators would collect the weeds and place on waters edge for your removal.

We would recommend these to be removed in the Springtime before the yellow flowers are in bloom.

Fringed Waterlily

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Delivering excellent manoeuvrability in all conditions and incorporating a choice of weed cutting and weed removal attachments including trailing knives, t-cutter bar and weed rakes, our versatile, efficient workboats provide the ideal method for the removal of debris, floating and submerged pond weeds.

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