CentER Parcs
Weed and Reed Clearance

We undertake weed and reed clearance works at various Center Parcs sites. The lakes suffer from encroaching weeds and bulrushes which impede the various water activities available to guests.

Pond Weed Clearance Center Parcs Whinfell

We first successfully cleared the lake at Whinfell in March 2013 and have been carrying out ongoing aquatic management since.

We used the trailing knife and T-Cutter bar attachments followed by the front end loader to effectively remove the weed and debris from the lake.

We now carry out weed clearance at several Center Parcs sites.

Center Parcs - Weed and Reed Clearance

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Delivering excellent manoeuvrability in all conditions and incorporating a choice of weed cutting and weed removal attachments including trailing knives, t-cutter bar and weed rakes, our versatile, efficient workboats provide the ideal method for the removal of debris, floating and submerged pond weeds.

Weed Curtting Workboats