WESTON PARK ESTATE, Shropshire - Silkweed Removal

On this site we carried out clearance of silkweed from a 7 acre lake in the grounds of a stately home in Shropshire, which had become heavily infested and was hindering fishing activities.

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The estate holds an annual Game and Country Fair, so it was imperative to ensure that the lake looked its best. We spent three days at this site to remove excessive amounts of weed, using a combination of the T-cutter and trailing knife attachments to remove as much of the weed root system and minimise re-growth. Our client is very pleased with the results and even filmed us in action for his own website!

WESTON PARK ESTATE, Shropshire - Silkweed Removal

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Delivering excellent manoeuvrability in all conditions and incorporating a choice of weed cutting and weed removal attachments including trailing knives, t-cutter bar and weed rakes,

Our versatile, efficient workboats provide the ideal method for the removal of debris, floating and submerged pond weeds in lakes, canals and waterways throughout the UK.

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